13 Fun facts you didn't know about whales

13 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Whales


1. Their lungs are the size of a small car

2. They exhale at 300km per hour 

3. Their tail is like a humans finger print none are the same 

4. Pectoral fins are massive and grow up to 5 metres which is about a third of their body length 

5. Their songs can be heard up to 30 kilometres 

6. Unique to baleen whales they have 2 blow holes 

7. They eat up to 907 kilograms of krill every day 

8. Their heart is between 1.2-1.5m long

9. A whales brain is approximately 5kg

10. They have the same body temperature as ours 37 degrees C

11. Female whales are larger than male whales

12. Baby whales (calves) drink up to 500 litres per day 

13. A calve doubles their length in just one year 


Want to learn more cool facts about whales! Check out the Whale Tale below! 


Image cutesy of Queensland.com  

Image cutesy of Tourism Events Queensland.com


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