Meet the Crocs at Koorana Crocodile Farm

Did you know, Rockhampton is the home to Koorana Crocodile Farm, Queensland’s first commercial crocodile farm? 

You’d be familiar with rescuing injured birds or a kitten from the road, but what about a crocodile? No one in their wildest dreams would recue a crocodile from their back yard or the local river, but for John and Lillian Lever, rescuing crocodiles was their wildest dream. 

John and Lillian rescued hundreds of crocodiles from around all-around Queensland and gave them a new home on the crocodile farm they opened right here in Rockhampton’s back yard in 1981. Having started off with no more than a handful of crocodiles, Koorana Crocodile Farm now plays host to over 4000 fresh water and salt water crocodiles. 

On a tour you’ll meet some of the naughtiest and largest crocs on the farm, but don’t worry, you can smile at these ones. Just last week a fresh water crocodiles stole a feeding pole that tour guide John was using. Mason, one of the salt water crocodiles was rescued from Port Douglas Golf Course, he’s 4.2 metres long and still growing. Buka is one of the largest crocs on the farm, and you’ll have to see him to believe it. He was rescued from a local swimming hole near Sugar Mill. 

One of the most iconic crocodiles here is Rocky. Rocky was caught in a bait trap by locals on Thursday Island after being kept as a family pet in a bath tub for 5 years. When Rocky was rescued the team discovered that his jaw was deformed due to low calcium levels, meaning he couldn’t feed properly. Thanks to the caring team at Koorana Crocodile Farm, after a short time in a proper enclosure with lots of care and food, Rocky’s bones have strengthened and his jaw reformed. A very happy ending, as Rocky is now one of the largest and most interesting inhabitants of the farm.  

Koorana Crocodile Farm is open every day from 10am to 3pm, with two tours daily. You can get up close and personal with some crocs and learn intriguing and interesting facts; like did you know that a crocodile can last up to 3 years with no food; or that if a crocodile is chasing you, you should run in a zigzag?

Have you ever wanted to hold a baby crocodile or watch one hatch? At Koorana you can. Just visit the farm between February and April when you may just be lucky enough to witness such a wonderful occurrence.

During the day the farm’s restaurant is open for lunch, you can tickle your taste buds and try a variety of crocodile meat from the lunch menu. O if it’s not quite to your taste they do have other options available, as well as a kids menu.

You can get your Crocodile Dundee on with exclusive training classes at Koorana Crocodile farm. Training includes a Crocodile Awareness Course and a Crocodile Handling Training Course.

For more information on these courses visit the Koorana Crocodile farm website -

So, come on out for a day filled with many an adventure… and we’ll see you in a little while crocodile.



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