Ever wanted to get away from being cooped up inside four walls but didn’t want to spend an excessive amount of dollars? Well stress no more! We’ve come up with the top 10 things to do in the Capricorn Region to escape the confines of our rooms.

Whether you want a dose of fresh air surrounded by nature, a family getaway (or to get away from the family,) to experience some local culture and adventure, there is something on this list for you!

10. Mount Archer      

Take your free experiences to new heights… pun intended #sorrynotsorry. Sitting at 604 metres above sea level, the peak of Mount Archer offers stunning 360-degree views of Rockhampton City, the mighty Fitzroy River and the surrounding ranges.

Crank the casual road trip tunes as you cruise the winding roads and picturesque lookouts as you make your way to the top, or if you’re feeling up for the challenge you can walk from the ground car park up to the very top – it’s certainly well worth the hike, just be sure to take plenty of water and a camera!

Whether you visit Mount Archer in the morning to watch the sunrise or in the evening and watch the city light up, Mount Archer is truly a magical site.

9. Pineapple Trail

Calling all fitness gurus! We have something for you too!

The Capricorn Coast Pineapple Trail is the ideal getaway for all fitness and adventurers alike, and while you don’t follow a trail of pineapples like you would gingerbread the Pineapple Trail offers a little over 4kms of picturesque urban landscapes and lush bushlands! Popular for walkers, joggers and cyclists.  

8. Stoney Creek Circuit

Want to escape the heat this weekend? Stoney Creek is the best place to chill and cool off on a hot day!

Popular for day trippers, Stoney Creek visitors spend the day tip toeing through cool, fresh running creeks, bomb diving and swinging from branches into the creek, pitching up a gazebo while cooking a good old feast on the BBQ and taking a relaxing and adventurous walk along the Stoney Creek Circuit.

The track winds along the creek and the little nooks and crannies of the beautiful lush rainforest. Along the way you’ll come across some stunning views and well maintained recreational areas – which are perfect for a family picnic. Be sure to pop into the creek after your walk to cool off and relax!

7. Carnarvon Gorge National Park

To say Carnarvon Gorge is gorgeous would be a huge understatement! Hidden in the rugged ranges of the Central Highlands, is the middle earth wonderland of Australia! The towering sandstone surrounding cliffs, bright rich green rainforests, a diverse range of flora and fauna grace this beautiful place.

Get off the beaten track on one of the many walking trails within the gorge. Walk by tranquil waterfalls and moss gardens and deep into the gorge walls themselves.

Carnarvon Gorge is the ultimate escape for any nature lovers and adventurers!

6. Byfield and Nob Creek Pottery

If Carnarvon Gorge is a bit too far off the beaten track, then you may want to visit Byfield which is in no way any less stunning or beautiful a location. Located just off the Capricorn Coast, Byfield is an oasis of rich, vibrant green forests and bush lands and rolling sand dunes – perfect for the 4WD enthusiast in you.

Walking through the rainforest you’ll quickly forget the worries of the outside world as you lose yourself in the cool, vibrancy and tranquility of clear running creeks, picturesque waterholes, quaint picnic spots and diverse flora and fauna, including the rare Byfield Fern.

On your way out be sure to check out Nob Creek Pottery, a world-class rainforest gallery and a must-see attraction. At Nob Creek Pottery you can view a large range of hand crafted homewares and art, you can also purchase the goods and you may even witness some of the worlds greatest potters crafting at the gallery.

5. ANZAC Memorial Walk

If you fancy yourself a history buff you will LOVE this! On the beachfront of the quaint coastal town of Emu Park is the ANZAC Memorial Walk. The Centenary of ANZAC Memorial Walk starts next to the Singing Ship, one of Emu Parks iconic landmarks. The Singing Ship is a majestic monument that commemorates the historical explorations of James Cook who discovered the bay in 1770. As the name suggests the ship really does sing! The unique design allows the gentle sea breeze to pass through fluted pipes producing gentle soft tunes that you will not easily forget.

The boardwalk will lead you along the beachfront passing by several ANZAC memorials and interoperative artworks telling the story of Gallipoli, the legend of the ANZAC, the Somme, Fromelle, the Lone Pine Battle and many more all the while paying respect to and honouring our fallen soldiers.

4. Rockhampton Art Gallery

Whether you’re an aspiring artist yourself, or you have an appreciation for art, the Rockhampton Art Gallery is a must!

Located on the banks of the Fitzroy River, the Rockhampton Art Gallery offers diverse, awe inspiring and incredible artworks and exhibitions from contemporary artists to that of the mid-twentieth century and in between, sure to bring out the inner artist in you – trust me by the end of the day you will want to pick up a paint brush and canvas.

After bringing out your inner Frida Kahlo, you may like to top off the day walking down Quay street and taking in the sites of Rockhampton’s beautiful heritage buildings along the Fitzroy River.

Please note: some attractions with in the gallery aren’t free, however, that doesn’t make the experience any less enjoyable.

3. Rockhampton Zoo and Botanic Gardens  

No matter your age, I think we can all agree that we love going to the zoo... who doesn’t? So make a start by visiting the Botanic Gardens where you’ll be surrounded by meadows of green grass and towering trees as you walk along the brick roads to the Japanese Gardens – not the Emerald City – At the Japanese Gardens you can sit back and relax in the cute Japanese style pontoon or lay on the grass listing to the water cascading down the waterfall.

The entry to the Zoo starts with the bird aviary and if you’re a bit of a movie buff this sight will look a tad familiar and you may expect to see a pterodactyl or two, I promise there are no dinosaurs here! The zoo has quite a large range of the cute and fuzzy, slimy and scaly and the big and scary including; otters, snakes, wombats, crocodiles, lions and tigers and bears oh my… Well not quite, but there certainly isn’t a shortage of animals to see when you visit the Rockhampton Zoo.

2. Old Rainworth Fort

If you’re after a more unique experience, a visit to Old Rainworth Fort is in store for you. Just a hop skip and a jump south of Springsure is the stunning heritage Cairdbeign Homestead and School built back in 1862. The inner Indiana Jones and historian in you will absolutely love walking inside the homestead rooms all of which play house to relics and artifacts from the period.

After you’ve looked through the homestead a picnic on the grass in front of these stunning buildings will make you feel like you traveled back in time.

1. Keppel Kraken 

If you’re after a ‘kraken’ good time with the family where you can relax, and the kids can run themselves ragged then Keppel Kraken is the escape for you and your family. Located on the foreshore of Yeppoon’s main beach is Keppel Kraken, a beachfront zero depth waterpark. The Kraken boasts both a spectacular view of the ocean and shabby chic boutiques and restaurants along the main street.

So there you have it! Even though we have provided you with our top 10 the fun certainly doesn’t stop there, there are many more free activities for you to do! Follow the link to our Free Activities page and remember ‘the best things in life are free!’

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