Whale Watching


Whale Watching in Keppel Bay

Besides beaches and blue water, Great Keppel has another GREAT attraction – whales!

Skip the crowds. What’s unique to the Capricorn Coast is visitors have the experience of watching whales without the hustle and bustle of some of the larger tourist destinations.

Whale Watching in Keppel Bay provides visitors with the opportunity to witness these majestic giants against a truly spectacular backdrop of clear turquoise waters and unspoilt, white sandy beaches with the Keppel Island’s to frame the view.

This is a day that the whole family will love, and one that you will talking about for years to come. Whales are big, and they create a big imprint on hearts of all ages. To see whales up close is truly a memorable and special experience.

A whale watching tour from the Capricorn Coast with the family is the perfect way to truly appreciate these awe-inspiring mammals. 



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