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Great Keppel Island

Dead set. Great Keppel Island is as good as it gets. 

It answers all of the “What do you look for on an island getaway” questions with ease: crystal blue waters, white sand, coral reefs and palm trees...tick, tick, tick and tick. But Great Keppel Island is a helluva lot more than an island to tick and flick off your destination list.

Great Keppel Island has arguably the best beaches of any Great Barrier Reef island, safe swimming and water temperatures that tempt at any time of year; but the real kicker is that if you wish, you can enjoy all of this in virtual isolation and be back on the mainland in a measly 30 minutes!

Accessible seclusion. On a magnificent island. On the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Does it get any better? 

Actually when you are talking about Great Keppel Island it does. Snorkel, sail, swim, dive, bushwalk, explore or just park up and wallow in the stunning serenity. On Great Keppel Island you can choose your own adventure without constraints or crowds.

Approximately 240 hectares in size, the island is home to 17 pristine white-sand beaches and an interior brimming with native flora and fauna. Bushwalking tracks ranging in duration and difficulty disperse trekkers around the island to deserted beaches, or spectacular lookouts.

Staying on Great Keppel Island is a treat to treasure no matter what the weather. 

From tents, cabins and bungalows, through to private beach houses skirting the water’s edge, there is plenty of options to choose from. Ferries depart every day to Great Keppel Island from Rosslyn Bay Harbour. A number of charters including full day cruises, sailing adventures and extended tour options are also available from Keppel Bay Marina.

Whether you opt to embrace this experience as a day trip, weekend or as an extended holiday, Great Keppel Island promises an easily obtainable escape from the pressures of every day to a world that feels far, far away.

See for yourself! Watch our Great KeppeI Island Video


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