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Keppel Sands

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Keppel Sands is the southern-most community of the Capricorn Coast. This charming township was once known as Sandhills due to the striking sandhills along the beach which can even be seen when travelling along Emu Park Road (from Rockhampton). Keppel Sands has an idyllic village-style appeal that has changed very little in comparison to many other coastal destinations. Situated approximately 40km from Yeppoon, Keppel Sands is separated from Zilzie and Emu Park by the mouth of Coorooman Creek which in turn makes it a popular fishing and crabbing location.

A popular holiday spot for families, Keppel Sands boasts a hotel, caravan park, motel, local store, two boat ramps and has a lovely picnic area by the beach. Nearby, is the unique community of Joskeleigh which has a captivating past. Joskeleigh has strong links with the South Sea Islanders who were brought to Queensland in the nineteenth century. A great spot to learn more about the history is the small Joskeleigh South Pacific Museum. It highlights the role played by the Kanakas, brought out by the 'blackbirders' to work the sugar cane fields as indentured labour. The museum is run by volunteers and is believed to be the only museum of its kind in Queensland. To visit the museum, please call ahead on 07 4934 4854 to make a booking.

Access to Keppel Sands and Joskeleigh is by sealed road, the turn-off onto Keppel Sands Road is approximately 27km from Rockhampton or 18km from Emu Park. Keppel Sands also has an all-tide boat ramp at Coorooman Creek, and a tidal ramp at Pumpkin Creek. The Coast Guard is located at South Head with access via Pumpkin Creek.