With a name like Sapphire, it's not hard to guess what can be found here. There is a sense of fun and adventure fossicking for your own sapphires.

Mined since the late 1800s, the moon-like landscape is as much a part of the lifeblood of Sapphire as the rich treasures in the earth. Be sure to visit the historic Piano Tuners Grave at Retreat Creek. Fossicking areas in Sapphire (where you are allowed to camp and dig) include 'Graves Hill' and 'Big Bessie'.

If you love a photo opportunity, then 'The Big Ring', 'Big Spanner' and 'Big Pick and Shovel' can all be found in and around Sapphire, so keep an eye out for these fun icons. Sapphire, which was originally called Sapphiretown, has developed into the services hub of the Sapphire Gemfields.

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