Capella Pioneer Village

Over 5000 objects and the 1869 'Peak Downs' homestead await you at the Capella Pioneer Village complex on the Gregory Highway at Capella, in Queensland's Central Highlands region. The homestead is the largest restored station homestead of its kind in Australia, primarily made from spotted gum with mortise and tenon drop plank walls (no nails). The museum's 17 buildings include the woolshed from 'Gordon Downs' station that has a tale to tell about the Central Highlands origins of the 1891 Great Shearers Strike, and, the Country Cinema exhibit - the only one of its kind in the region. Learn the magnitude of the post WWII 'Food and Britain' scheme. The Queensland British Food Corporation held 200,000 hectares of open downs grasslands across the Highlands in 1949 and had 27,000 hectares under crop in 1950. The operational headquarters were at Capella. Come and see the tractors and farming machinery from that era and those that followed, including Jackie boy - made from WWII tank components. See underground coal mining vehicles. Enjoy history come alive during the annual Heritage Day, held from 9am on the second Saturday in September. Special arrangements are made for coach and school groups, who are always welcome.

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