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Funtastic is a 60+ft Sailing Catamaran, the largest Sailing Cat’ within the Capricorn region, she has been safely taking happy customers sailing through the stunning Keppel’s and Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef for 15 years. Your experienced Skipper in Rod with Ita, will take you for a full day on one of the most eco friendly trips you’ll take exploring the most secluded Islands, Reefs, Beaches throughout the Keppel’s that only this type of trip can take you.

Kayaks – Snorkeling – Paddle Boards are all inclusive, the day is yours to relax – explore – chill or be adventurous as you want to be! You will snorkel the clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef in the company of Fish life – Turtles and Corals all in a colidascope of color, walk the secluded beaches and don’t forget the whales!! June to Sept… We get up close and personal.

We cater for all ages, all abilities. A beautiful morning tea with cakes, fruit, biscuits, coffees, teas and drinks await you at the end of your 1st snorkel / swim in the morning with Deli and Cheese Platters for the afternoon Sail home watching the sun go down. Leaving at 9am and home by 5pm it’s the best day out to visit the Keppel’s.

Funtastic Cruises do; Day Trips – Sunset Trips – Overnight Trips – Private events and trips.


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