New Royal Hotel Rubyvale


When luck or adventure takes you to Rubyvale in Central Queensland’s Wild West, think of it as the end of the rainbow, not the end of the world!

The New Royal Hotel Rubyvale, the finest establishment in town, awaits you with great pride and expectation. Why settle for anything less? The very words “Royal” and “Hotel” together in the same name are your guarantee of a regal outback experience!

Under the care and inspiration of our guiding light, Rubyvale Roughnut, the toughest, roughest, hardest drinking, loudest laughing and longest fossicker in the gem fields, our dedicated staff is pleased to supply everything needed by visitors to our neck of the bush:

  1. surprisingly good comfort food in our pub or dining room
  2. cool drinks at the pub (no extra charge for laughter, local lore and unasked for advice)
  3. an attached bottle shop for your thirst-quenching needs while out and about, and
  4. the closest comfortable lodgings to a), b) and c).

We know it’s not everyone who comes to Rubyvale, but we’re set up to please you no matter what the reason you’re dropping in.


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